Physician's Technology has unveiled a new digital medical hands free joint rejuvenation device for use in hospitals, pain clinics and medical centers.

The FDA-approved, fifth generation WilloMD iLaserX device features a power grid that comes in contact with the skin surface and a special diagnostic sensor system that detects the painful areas of the joint.

The device, which uses digital dynamic photonic and thermal kinetic laser technology, removes joint toxicity, accelerates joint repair and delivers multiple energy based therapy to the joint.

The energy output from the WilloMD is in the safe range as opposed to a potentially dangerous energy blast from conventional therapeutic pain lasers, claims the company.

Previously conducted 2010 landmark medical study has shown that the use of the joint relief device has helped many people lead a new life without pain or pain pills.

University of Pittsburgh surgery professor Dr Ron Shapiro said from the beginning of the first treatment, the average patient using the WilloMD will feel reduced pain relief and improved range of motion.

"As they continue with their suggested joint pain protocol they begin to notice a variety of improvements as they can return to many of the activities they love," Shapiro added.

"They should be able to maintain their improvement with periodic maintenance treatments.

"The best part is they can use the WilloMD when and where they want; right in the convenience of their own home, office, or lockeroom."