Royal Philips Electronics has introduced Juno DRF and DigitalDiagnost - ER Wireless systems, two diagnostic X-ray solutions to enhance patient outcomes and increase value for healthcare systems.

The Juno DRF, a remote-controlled flat detector system, combines digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications in one system enabling a wide range of applications.

The system’s dual imaging mode increases room utiliSation, and also enables faster workflow and increased patient throughput.

Philips said that the two-in-one system is capable of all common radiographic procedures, gastro-intestinal studies, tomography and vascular studies. Its unique Source Image Distance (SID) of 180cm (71") and the high table weight capacity of up to 284kg (626 lbs), without any restrictions for movements, allows for diverse exams and patient types.

The DigitalDiagnost – ER Wireless radiography configuration, by eliminating hardware and peripheral equipment that typically hinders access to the patient, eases access to critical patients in emergency rooms (ER), trauma units and recovery bays.

The wireless portable detector also helps minimize the risk of interference with life-saving equipment.

Philips Healthcare Imaging Systems general manager Gene Saragnese said the DigitalDiagnost – ER Wireless system is a digital radiography solution for emergency room, recovery, and trauma environments.

"Through the Juno DRF and DigitalDiagnost – ER Wireless offerings we’re taking precision radiography and fluoroscopy to the next level by placing technologies where they are most needed, particularly in an emergency situation, as well as aiding hospitals with cost-effective solutions that facilitate patient care," Saragnese said.