Philips’ technology, digitalization and AI-based analytics will drive continuous process of sustainable transformation for Paracelsus Clinics

Philips will offer technology, digitalisation and AI-based analytics for transformation of Paracelsus Clinics. (Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.)

Dutch health technology firm Royal Philips has entered into a multi-year partnership with Paracelsus Clinics, to modernise the latter’s medical imaging systems in the next eight years.

The partnership is said to offer solutions to enhance availability of imaging system and standardise equipment operation, according to the evolving needs of the hospital.

Paracelsus Clinics CEO Martin Siebert said: “Paracelsus is committed to providing integrated care close to where people live in Germany. With Philips, we now have a partner by our side who will support us in expanding this position and strengthen our future viability through its strengths in innovation and its digital competence.

“As an exclusive supplier, Philips will take care of new and replacement imaging system procurement, together with management and the training of our employees. The scope of delivery includes CT, MRI, angiography, X-ray and ultrasound systems. Philips offers the greatest possible flexibility in designing a tailor-made equipment pool that matches our changing requirements over time.”

Philips will provide IntelliSpace Discovery, MR technology, and PerformanceBridge solutions

Under the partnership, Philips is expected to install its Informatics AI Research Suite, dubbed IntelliSpace Discovery, in the Paracelsus Elena Clinic in Kassel, Germany, which offers treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease and associated movement disorders.

Paracelsus will use the AI capabilities of IntelliSpace Discovery to continue its advanced research, thereby allowing new findings on neurodegenerative diseases are incorporated into clinical care.

In addition, Philips is expected to install an advanced MR technology at the clinic, to support the diagnosis and treatment for acute neurology cases.

Philips will send a team of consultants from its Healthcare Transformation Services, to work with representatives from Paracelsus, on an optimisation project for ultrasound imaging.

The teams will precisely analyse the current inventory, diagnostic capabilities, and the competitive environment at the Paracelsus clinics, and will develop recommendations for needs-based solutions with uniform operator interfaces.

Furthermore, Paracelsus is also planning to use Philips’ Operational Informatics (PerformanceBridge) to obtain deep insights into the performance and utilisation of its imaging solutions.

Philips senior vice president and general manager Peter Vullinghs said: “In addressing the challenges of the future, offering the latest technological innovations is only the first step.

“In our strategic partnership with Paracelsus we want to firmly anchor quality and efficiency as key success factors, not only at the structural level but also at the process level. It’s the only way we can achieve more together.”