Trilogy Evo sleep and respiratory care cloud-based management system, which is incorporated with Care Orchestrator, will help physicians, clinicians, and care providers to collaborate and coordinate care from hospital to home by storing their patient prescription and therapy information in a single secure location.

Philips stated that chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are not easy to manage due to complex care plans, large care teams and frequent readmissions.

Trilogy Evo is claimed to be the only portable life support ventilator platform designed to stay with patients to offer consistent therapy as patients change care environments.

Philips sleep and respiratory care business leader John Frank said: “Worldwide, chronic conditions are on the rise, presenting continually growing care challenges. Time and again, we have seen the positive impact that connected care can have not only on patients, but on the care teams that serve them.

“With effective treatment options, chronic respiratory conditions can be managed effectively. Trilogy Evo is our next evolution of work in connected care solutions, making therapy management for chronic conditions easier and more efficient.”

At the event, which is being held between 15 and 19 September, the company will also showcase latest sleep and respiratory connected care solutions, including Care Orchestrator cloud-based patient management software solution that enables providers and clinicians to better manage patient care across a single platform.

NightBalance Lunoa is a small and lightweight device developed to treat positional sleep apnea. The device worn in a belt around the chest uses gentle vibrations to avoid wearers from sleeping on their back.

SmartSleep is a wearable solution to improve deep sleep quality of consumers. The company will also exhibit DreamWear line at the event.

DreamWear full face will help place the hose on top of the head instead of in front of the face, providing freedom of movement and ability to sleep in any position.