The new portfolio of solutions is claimed to have shown improvement in patient engagement, access to care, health outcomes, while reducing the cost of care

Philips Virtual Care Management is currently available only in the US. (Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.)

Royal Philips has launched Philips Virtual Care Management to help health systems, providers, payers, and employer groups connect easily with patients from virtually anywhere.

The new virtual care management programme is said to be a comprehensive portfolio of flexible solutions and services to motivate and connect with patients, said the Dutch health technology company.

Philips Virtual Care Management can minimise the pressure on healthcare professionals by lowering visits to emergency departments, said Philips. Besides, it brings down the cost of treatment via efficient management of chronic diseases.

The solution’s condition-specific protocols include hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), along with gestational programmes for hypertension and diabetes.

Philips Virtual Care Management’s protocols combine with devices and engagement tools on a cloud-based platform that is secure and interoperable, the Dutch health technology company claimed.

The combination facilitates rich data and actionable insights to be generated for timely intervention and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Philips said that patients are monitored and offered customised health coaching by licensed clinical professionals.

Additionally, Philips’ professional services assist clients in creating, implementing, activating, and maintaining each programme.

Philips ambulatory virtual care general manager Nick Wilson said: “Virtual care is paving the way to meaningfully reduce the cost of care through fewer hospitalisations and emergency department visits.

“Care providers and health systems today are often short on time and resources, accelerating the need to find new ways to gain visibility into patients’ health amid an overwhelming variety of options. For patients, the opportunity to understand and take proactive control of their health can potentially lead to improved outcomes.”

The Dutch health technology firm said that the new portfolio of solutions has shown improvement in patient engagement, access to care, health outcomes, while reducing the cost of care.

Currently available only in the US, Philips Virtual Care Management is customisable for health systems, providers, payers and employer groups who want to design and scale their programme as per their needs.

In the past, the Dutch company introduced a telehealth environment called Virtual Care Station to deliver virtual care services in locations like retail settings, town halls, libraries, and universities.