DJO Incorporated announced that its Chattanooga business plans to bring the Intelect SWD Shortwave Diathermy device to market in spring 2009 in the US. “Bringing continuous innovation to the clinical rehabilitation market is the cornerstone of our brand,” says Ed Dunlay, vice president product development & clinical education for Chattanooga. “The Intelect SWD 100 has been designed with voice of the customer research, which we used to enhance an already proven therapeutic modality.” Chattanooga’s new Intelect SWD innovations include a touch screen interface and onboard software that allows therapists to customize their patient’s therapy. Chattanooga’s Shortwave Diathermy unit is the only domestic shortwave product to operate via a touch screen interface. The unit is very simple to use. Therapists can begin treatment in as few as two touches to the home screen. Shortwave Diathermy is a clinical treatment modality that provides a superior form of deep tissue heating. Indications for use include: pain relief, reduction of muscle spasm, decreasing joint stiffness, contractures, increased blood flow, chronic inflammatory conditions, bursitis, tenosynovitis, synovitis and chronic inflammatory pelvic disease.