Philips has launched the new 3D AIUS on its EPIQ 7 ultrasound system, the firm’s first ultrasound with anatomic intelligence capabilities.

Philips cardiovascular ultrasound senior medical director Dr Ivan Salgo said: "Health systems are constantly looking for solutions to provide the most efficient and effective way to an accurate diagnosis.

"At Philips, we’re driving innovation in the cardiology space to help clinicians make decisions early, fast and confidently."

Through using HeartModel, clinicians can rapidly and easily evaluate disease states, determine treatment and guide related therapies.

The new AIUS tool, which is a rich digital database of anatomical structural models and adaptive system technology, has access to advanced clinical information that automatically adapts to variability in patient anatomy.

According to the firm, the knowledge-base identification and patient-specific adaptation provides quantification of the left ventricle and atrium and display of routine apical views.

The company plans to make the availability of HeartModel on the EPIQ 7 ultrasound system in the US from August and across the globe by the end of this year.