Through this partnership, La Casa del Médico will market and implement Plexus TG's world-class anesthesia documentation and medication management solutions, Anesthesia Touch™ and Pharmacy Touch™, throughout Mexico and Central and South America, bringing greater efficiencies to the OR anesthesia process. 

Anesthesia Touch is an easy-to-use anesthesia EMR solution for both iPad iOS and Windows platforms. Anesthesia Touch integrates with other hospital systems, streamlining clinical documentation by providing anesthesia clinicians with the information they need when they need it, such as scheduling, preoperative data, patient demographics and physiological data.

In addition, Pharmacy Touch, an add-on module, makes medication management simple with its intuitive, easy-to-use system that delivers to anesthesia providers and their pharmacies an integrated solution with controlled-access cabinets, barcode syringe labeling, closed-loop reconciliation and automated charging.

La Casa del Médico recently contracted with Clinica Hsopital San Fernando, one of the top privately owned hospitals in Panamá, to install and support Plexus TG's Anesthesia Touch solution. Implementation teams for both Plexus TG and La Casa del Médico are working closely together on their first joint installation to successfully deploy Anesthesia Touch by January 2017.

"As the demand for our anesthesia documentation solution increases internationally, it's important we team up with industry partners that can deliver technical support and products to the end-user.

“With an 84-year proven track record in the healthcare technology industry, La Casa del Médico is a perfect distributor partner to provide sales and field level support and to increase the exposure of our software products," said Tony Mira, CEO of Plexus Technology Group. "They are a welcomed addition to our distributor program and we look forward to working with them."

"Partnering with Plexus Technology Group not only increases our product offerings, but it extends our commitment to bring our clients the latest technology and complete solutions. We are excited to be part of the Plexus TG distributor program and we look forward to a successful partnership," commented Guillermo Ungo, national sales manager at La Casa del Médico.

As an iPad-based anesthesia documentation solution, Anesthesia Touch's full KLAS rating demonstrates Plexus TG's commitment to providing complete AIMS functionality for their clients and partners.

Horacio Icaza y Cia (La Casa del Médico), a trusted medical technology vendor, has been operating in Panamá since 1932. They are proud of their enduring partnership with worldwide-leader brands, the highly valued performance of their specialized team and their continued relationship with their customers.

 In 1967, the first anesthesia machine was successfully installed in the same hospital where they're installing Anesthesia Touch today. La Casa del Médico is a company of strong values that promotes and defends transparency of the government administration to help patients receive the best healthcare.

Plexus Technology Group, a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services is a leading provider of anesthesia information management and medication management systems.

 Anesthesia Touch is a full-featured AIMS for both Windows and iOS platforms that supports concurrent charting and streaming physiologic data.  It is easy to use, improves processes, enhances patient safety, provides comprehensive anesthesia documentation and is certified as a full EHR for meaningful use.