Netherland’s Royal Philips has partnered with US-based Validic, in a bid to integrate personal health data from third-party devices and apps into connected health service.


The partnership allows the integration of consumer-generated health data into Philips cloud-based HealthSuite digital platform to provide connected health solutions and services.

HealthSuite digital platform is an open cloud-based platform of services, capabilities and tools, which enables to create next generation of connected health and wellness innovations.

Philips connected care and health informatics CEO Jeroen Tas said: "Being able to deliver the best care requires that healthcare providers have a comprehensive view of each patient’s health condition."

Expected to serve around 223 million people in 47 countries, the collaboration will help Philips to integrate its health solutions such as Personal Health Programs, Lifeline medical alert services and eCareCoordinator and eCareCompanion eHealth applications with third-party device data.

The firm has designed these connected health solutions and services to facilitate coordinated care across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

HealthSuite platform also supports health systems in the delivery of care coordination solutions through its integration capabilities with electronic medical records and other clinical data sources.

In addition, the platform supports enterprise application development with services specialized for the secure collection of health, wellness and clinical data, enabling for aggregation, analysis and actionable insights.

Validic CEO and co-founder Ryan Beckland said: "With a strong presence in both professional healthcare and consumer health spaces, Philips understands the global impact of people better managing and engaging with their health."

Image: The collaboration allows to integrate consumer-generated health data into Philips cloud-based HealthSuite digital platform. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.