Royal Philips has partnered with global home care provider Right at Home to introduce CareSensus connected sensors platform, which can provide remote care for seniors with cognitive or physical frailties.


With the support of home care monitoring solution, the Philips CareSensus platform provides Internet of Things (IoT) services for seniors at home.

The platform includes connected, discrete and non-camera-based passive sensors, which will be installed in the home to provide round the clock monitoring.

Later, the data from the connected sensors will be processed to identify unusual patterns of activities, providing seniors personalized blueprint of behavior.

It helps to know the unusual patterns of activities, including the multiple times usage of bathroom by seniors and taking unusual long time to get out of bed in the morning.

With the help of an online dashboard, the Right at Home remote care team will monitor the behavioral changes of seniors.

The family caregiver will also be provided with access to dashboard to review the behavior of seniors.

According to Philips, the platform will be deployed at 25 locations of the US market in this month.

Philips connected care and health informatics CEO Jeroen Tas said: "Combined with our deep knowledge of advanced analytics in patient and home monitoring, we can now offer a powerful platform delivering reliable data to the Right at Home care team."

Right at Home CEO and president Brian Petranick said: "This aging shift will continue to increase demand for Right at Home’s care services and will add increasing pressure on an industry already challenged with the supply for caregivers."

Image: Philips launched CareSensus activity monitoring and engagement solution for seniors. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.