The new test is being developed to help doctors for the treatment of patients with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Royal Philips CEO Frans van Houten said: "Better care for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders is a key driver to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

"The collaboration with Janssen is a great example of our open innovation business model, combining their strength in neuroscience with the biosensor technology in our Minicare I-20 platform."

The collaboration will bring together Philips’ expertise in point-of-care testing and monitoring applications and Janssen’s ability in discovering and developing innovative solutions to treat brain disorders.

Under the deal, Philips will take responsibility for the development and manufacturing of the handheld test, while Janssen will carry out clinical trials to validate the test, in addition to involving in the commercialization of the final product.

The new test will be based on its Minicare system that is currently under development, noted Philips.

The Minicare I-20 system is being developed for immunoassays and includes handheld analyzer dedicated software and single use and disposable cartridge containing the application specific test.

It will help to detect multiple target molecules at low concentrations within the same blood sample and to show the results on the analyzer display within minutes.

Image: Royal Philips and Janssen Pharmaceutica to develop new handheld blood test. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.