ZOLL Medical said that PHI Air Medical of Phoenix, Arizona is the first major installation for the new ZOLL Propaq MD Monitor/Defibrillator in North America and will standardise its fleet of air ambulances with the new equipment.

PHI Air Medical is a business unit of PHI, a rotary flight for over 50 years, and provides support for many health care organisations.

The Propaq MD, which is 60% smaller and 40% lighter than similar monitor/defibrillators, comes with large, high-contrast color LCD display capable of showing up to four waveforms simultaneously, as well as a full 12-lead ECG for on-screen review, ZOLL Medical said.

All physiological monitoring parameter values, including heart rate, SpO2, ETCO2, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, two temperatures and three invasive pressures, are shown in large color-coded numeric formats.

The device is capable of monitoring all patients, whether adult, pediatric or neonatal.

ZOLL Medical claims that the Propaq MD is the only FDA-cleared airworthy defibrillator to provide monitoring of three invasive pressures necessary for treating critical patients during long transports.

PHI Air Medical Clinical Standards director Linda Young said Propaq MD will have an immediate positive impact on the care we provide our patients. ZOLL has demonstrated its understanding of our industry and the technological advances required by our professional clinicians and care givers.

ZOLL president Jonathan Rennert said that PHI’s adoption of the Propaq MD is indicative of the extent to which this civilian air ambulance operator goes through to provide top-level critical care to patients.

“Due to its advanced capabilities and compact size, the Propaq MD replaces the need for separate monitors and defibrillators, resulting in more cabin space and reduced weight. With its small footprint, it’s also easy to mount inside the aircraft,” Rennert said.

The Air Medical Group fleet consists of aircraft outfitted with medical interiors conducive to providing sustained emergent care for air medical transports and most PHI Air Medical programs operate at or above Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) standards, according to the company.