Pharmazam's Pharmacogenetic (PGx) test results consist of a comprehensive DNA test and a sample that is collected using an FDA-cleared device


Image: Pharmazam's system provides the most accurate and up to date information. Photo: Courtesy of andreas160578 from Pixabay.

It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of prescription drugs do not work for individual patients. In some instances, adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) and toxicity can even result in the patient’s death. And, in the United States alone, over 100,000 people die each year from medication-related issues.

Pharmazam CEO, Philip Cave explains, “Our individualized medical management system and application will save lives, prevent life-threatening adverse drug reactions (ADRs), improve drug efficacy, enhance pharmaceutical care, and ultimately reduce the cost of medical expenses for individuals, organizations and governments across the globe.”

Pharmazam’s Pharmacogenetic (PGx) test results consist of a comprehensive DNA test and a sample that is collected using an FDA-cleared device. Pharmazam, a licensed medical company, offers a solution to this problem by combining a Pharmazam physician-ordered test with a proprietary software application. The sample is sent to a CLIA-certified clinical lab for processing and genotyping. All results are maintained confidentially and securely in compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. The patient always determines to whom the results are sent.

The Pharmazam App makes it simple for consumers to check prescriptions and over the counter medications by simply using their phone to scan the medication barcode to help determine which medications may work best for them. Our App also allows users to instantly read or listen to all known side effects to any medication entered.

“Illumina shares Pharmazam’s commitment to positively influence personal healthcare by unlocking the power of the genome,” says Mark Van Oene, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Illumina.

Dr. Howard McLeod, Senior Scientific Adviser, says: “It is time to focus on the whole patient, by integrating genetics, allergies, drug interactions, and other patient characteristics to give the best chance of selecting the best medicines. Pharmazam stands apart with its physician-prescribed approach that applies the latest scientific benefits. It is an exciting day for the health of Americans.”

Our specialized test collects information on over 19,000 genes and 665,000 different genetic biomarkers.

The information is analyzed by the Pharmazam system using our proprietary Genetic Drug and PharmD databases. Pharmazam’s proprietary algorithm instantly analyzes over 130,000 prescribed and over the counter drugs, utilizing leading national medication and healthcare databases to compare them to each patient’s current health profile.

Pharmazam’s system provides the most accurate and up to date information available and is the first of its kind to use a person’s unique genetic makeup combined with their personal healthcare profile prior to prescribing or purchasing medications over the counter. This medication management system will enable healthcare providers to make the best possible treatment decision on which medication is best for the patient and help to eliminate “trial and error” prescribing.

Taimour Langaee, MSPH, Ph.D., Pharmazam’s Chief Scientific Officer, says: “The Pharmazam App is a unique real-time Medication Management System where the user is in control of his or her Pharmacogenetic (PGx) report and can send it to the healthcare provider any time simply by clicking a button on the App.”

Source: Company Press Release.