US-based PharmaSmart International, a clinical pharmacy services company, has launched a blood pressure cuff and an advanced health IT platform which it expects will improve clinical validity of pharmacy-based hypertension programmes, improve patient counseling, education, rates of adherence, and offer unprecedented programme validation through metrics reporting.

PharmaSmart’s latest kiosk offers Internet connectivity, patient data tracking, and patient health record integration. Its connectivity network has already collected and stored four million patient readings, including blood pressure and new additions of BMI and blood glucose.

On the diagnostic side, PharmaSmart’s patented, clinically validated cuff design allows accurate measurement of arm sizes.

PharmaSmart general manager and senior vice president Ashton Maaraba said that the company now combines a clinically validated diagnostic tool with an easy to use health IT platform to offer pharmacists tools for better patient care.

Enrolled patients can access a retail-branded personal health record that stores and organises their diagnostic readings. Once enrolled, the pharmacist uses the integrated Personal Health Record functionality to provide therapeutic counseling and interventions as required. PharmaSmart kiosks and web services ensure confidentiality and are HIPAA compliant.