Pfizer company Hospira has introduced next-generation LifeCare patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) 7.0 infusion pump system.

Claimed to be the first infusion pump to provide electronic medical record (EMR) integration, the LifeCare PCA 7.0 allows device auto-programming and streamlines documentation of infusion data to enhance the safety and efficiency of pain management medication administration.

With integrated bar code identification of prefilled and pharmacy-filled drug vials, the new PCA pump will reduce the drug and concentration errors at the bedside.

The company has secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the LifeCare PCA 7.0 system with enhanced cybersecurity protections.

The system provides security options, including hospital-configured device passwords and enhanced protection of customer network security settings.

It also features automatic detection and closure of unused network communications port, as well as updated communications engine technology, including removal of telnet service.

Through its MedNet v6.1 next-generation safety software, the company is also offering new alarm-forwarding functionality in the LifeCare PCA 7.0 system.

Hospira US infusion systems president Julie Sawyer Montgomery said: "With the new integration capabilities and enhanced cybersecurity features, the clearance of LifeCare PCA 7.0 ushers in a new phase in IV-EMR connectivity and pain management therapy.

"It also underscores Hospira’s leadership in delivering technology to meet the evolving needs of health care providers in medication error prevention and clinician efficiency."