RITA is a cross between robot and media, which uses high-speed components, high-definition monitors and wireless technology, according to Pertexa.

It will help physicians to assist and treat patients remotely and comply with regulatory documentation required in the medical landscape.

Pertexa president Kishor Joshi said: "RITA’s launch marks another significant milestone in Pertexa’s transformation, and we anticipate a high demand for our telehealth and software offerings.

RITA is said to provide better assistance in treating and diagnosing highly communicable diseases such as Ebola, as well as in high-risk situations like bioterrorism.

Pertexa noted that RITA will certainly garner considerable attention for its next-generation abilities, while da Vinci surgical system that was developed in Sunnyvale has received recognition from both consumer and medical circles.

Pertexa medical director to Dr Earl Ferguson said: "Providers have been waiting for information technologies that are more intuitive, simpler and interoperable.

Image: Pertexa’s Robotic Intelligent Telehealth Assistant. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ Pertexa Inc.