Personalis is a cancer genomics company that develops next-generation therapies through comprehensive molecular data about each patient’s cancer and immune response


Personalis launches NeXT Liquid Biopsy. (Credit: Belova59 from Pixabay.)

Personalis, Inc. (Nasdaq: PSNL), a leader in advanced genomics for cancer, today announced the launch of NeXT Liquid Biopsy, a high-performance, exome-scale, tumor-profiling platform that utilizes blood samples from advanced-stage solid tumor cancer patients. NeXT Liquid Biopsy, paired with Personalis’ leading ImmunoID NeXT™ tissue profiling platform, enables a more comprehensive immuno-genomics view of the tumor that can now be monitored over time from blood samples. NeXT Liquid Biopsy monitors over twenty times more genes than the majority of liquid biopsy cancer panels on the market today. These capabilities will help biopharmaceutical companies advance their understanding of tumor biology, including resistance mechanisms, to aid the development of next-generation cancer therapies.

Personalis CEO, John West, said, “Solid tumor biopsies and liquid biopsies complement each other, and it is important to utilize both in cancer research. Solid tumor biopsies can yield information about mutations, gene expression, the tumor microenvironment, and immune cells that have infiltrated the tumor, while liquid biopsies can track mutations and detect new mutations over time in response to treatment. By combining NeXT Liquid Biopsy with ImmunoID NeXT, researchers now have a powerful tool to address tumor heterogeneity, longitudinally monitor clonal and subclonal dynamics, identify acquired resistance mechanisms, and access key areas of tumor biology not typically included in targeted liquid biopsy panels. We strongly believe this will provide a powerful framework for translational research, and the development of next-generation cancer therapeutics to overcome therapy resistance and cancer progression.”

Mr. West added, “Through our collaborations program, we are encouraged by our partners’ response to NeXT Liquid Biopsy. NeXT Liquid Biopsy represents a new capability in the market and we look forward to working closely with our first customers. This is just the first step in Personalis’ liquid biopsy product portfolio and we are excited for further developments in this area.”

Source: Company Press Release