Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx), a provider of advanced cancer genome testing products and services, today announced the launch of its CancerSELECT 125 test for pan-cancer tumor profiling.

 CancerSELECT 125 identifies clinically actionable and functionally important sequence mutations and structural alterations across multiple cancer types.

 The assay incorporates proprietary PGDx technologies and bioinformatics to identify tumor specific (somatic) mutations with exceptional accuracy.

"The launch of CancerSELECT 125 is the most recent example of our ongoing commitment to leadership in providing the most advanced genomic profiling to cancer patients and their physicians," said Doug Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Personal Genome Diagnostics.

"CancerSELECT 125 is exceptionally accurate and includes all currently known genes that could potentially affect treatment outcomes. We intend to stay at the forefront of this dynamic field by offering the most accurate genomic tests and continuing to introduce updated assays as new clinical information and additional therapeutic candidates become available."

The genes in CancerSELECT 125 were selected to aid in treatment decision-making based on their biological and functional relevance and clinical actionability. They include both likely and known regions associated with drug sensitivity and acquired drug resistance.

CancerSELECT 125 identifies tumor-specific sequence mutations, amplifications, structural rearrangements and other alterations in tissue across multiple cancer types. CancerSELECT 125 also reports microsatellite instability status (MSI) to assess potential response to checkpoint inhibitor therapies–tumors with high MSI have been shown to have a much greater clinical response to these immunotherapies.

CancerSELECT 125 additionally includes matched sequencing of normal patient tissue to accurately filter out germline variants and increase confidence that the identified alterations are truly somatic.

The exceptional accuracy afforded by CancerSELECT 125 reflects a number of PGDx's unique technologies and methods. These include the company's DNA extraction and proprietary sample preparation methods that accommodate low abundance DNA samples and its proprietary hybrid-capture processing in combination with high-coverage, next-generation sequencing.

PGDx's proprietary PARE and Digital Karyotyping technologies, combined with its VariantDx computational algorithms, ensure that bona fide mutations are distinguished from sequencing artifacts and errors. All test results receive visual inspection by cancer genome experts and are accompanied by comprehensive clinical annotation of all the reported alterations, including FDA-approved therapies, clinical trials and published literature.

PGDx offers a complete range of cancer genome analysis tools, including exome and targeted approaches for tissue specimens, targeted approaches for plasma samples, and a variety of custom tissue and plasma-based options designed to address the specific research needs of cancer researchers and drug developers.