Perry Baromedical has launched the Sigma Elite, with extended patient data capture capability. The advanced technology of the Sigma Elite is available on each monoplace chamber model currently available and has a patent pending.

The company claims that the Sigma Elite new ‘Smart Hyperbaric System’ includes data capture via computerised system for each dive, electronic medical records (EMR) interface (optional) and individualised patient profiles, visual graphs in real time with date and time log and also includes touch screen interface.

The company said that the standard features of the Sigma Elite control and EMR system include customisable automated treatment protocols, manual treatments captured for future use, pneumatic backup control system, analog manual set point and rate set hard copy of treatment, electronic record of treatment.

It also includes programmable air breath alerts, standard treatment profiles pre-installed, windows XPE embedded operating system, split screen auxiliary capability and patient record dive review, said the company.

Glenn Dennis, president and COO of Perry Baromedical, said: “The Sigma Elite now provides the ability for our chambers to provide patient data interface to EMR systems. This capability is unique and is in response to customer demand.”