The Sigma Elite technology’s other features include a voice activated sound systems to eliminate the need for a patient call button and a hydraulic gurney with arm rests and an adjustable back rest.

Perry Baromedical claimed that with the Sigma Elite, physicians can create a new treatment protocol, document it repeatedly. The system also allows for changes to be made as necessary and the entire process and outcome can be documented both electronically as well as in a hard copy.

Glenn Dennis, COO and president of Perry, said: “The new Sigma Elite computer automated control system allows the user to automate treatment protocols while maintaining the ability to customize the protocol, record it with date, time, depth and export it to the patients file via an EMR system or printer for use again and again.”

Tina Holzer, RN, clinical manager at Stillwater Medical Center, said: “The Sigma Elite computer automated control system allows for an easy transition from patient to patient. We appreciate the ease of use and the individual patient printouts provide clear and concise documentation of the treatment provided.”