The Kurin blood culture collection set is a replacement for traditional collection sets, introducing technology to divert skin contaminants while preserving the standard blood culture collection technique for clinicians.

Like regular blood culture sets, Kurin sets include a butterfly needle for venipuncture or luer connection to a peripheral catheter and a needle for filling a culture bottle. Unique to Kurin is the Kurin Lock blood sequestration device, which includes a chamber for diversion of the initial aliquot of blood that often contains skin contaminants from the venipuncture site.

After diversion, the Kurin Lock automatically sends the blood flow around the sequestration chamber through another channel into the culture bottle.

Kurin inventor and CEO Bob Rogers said: “This additional patent is the next step in building intellectual property protection for our unique blood diversion technology. As clinical results continue to prove the effectiveness of Kurin, this U.S. patent further strengthens our position in the market.

“The simplicity of this product is critical to caregiver compliance and compliance is the key to improving clinical outcomes. With no need for manual manipulation, a Kurin set makes it effortless for clinicians to incorporate diversion, a proven method of lowering contaminated blood cultures, into their routine collection process.”

Blood culture diversion technology can benefit hospitals and health systems, which suffer significant financial losses due to false positive blood culture results. When sepsis is erroneously indicated, unnecessary treatment and testing may ensue. Furthermore, patients who receive false positive blood culture results may be subjected to unneeded antibiotic treatment and an extended hospital stay, putting them at risk for further adverse events.

Source: Company Press Release