PerkinElmer announced that the company has introduced the AAnalyst 50 through out the world. It is an entry-level flame atomic absorption spectrometer that offers double-beam technology to save laboratories time when analyzing numerous samples. The double-beam system allows shorter warm up times and improved signal stability, and requires fewer operator adjustments than a single-beam system. The company’s AAnalyst 50 comes with a background corrector and a complete safety interlocks system. The background corrector is designed to save operator time and provide confidence in the results, while the safety interlocks system contributes to the safe operation of the spectrometer. The instrument features a mechanism to automatically power off in a safe sequence when any safety interlock is compromised, such as during a sudden loss of power or drop in gas pressure. The system also checks and verifies the safe and proper installation of the sample introduction components each time the instrument starts. The AAnalyst 50 also includes PerkinElmer's dual option burner and sample introduction system, durable and sensitive components included in the other AAnalyst atomic absorption spectrometers. The sample introduction system consists of an inert polymer spray chamber, which can accommodate corrosive and high solids matrices, as well as titanium burner heads that can be easily installed without the need for tools. The new AAnalyst 50 will be on display at the annual Pittsburgh Conference (PITTCON) in Chicago, Illinois.