PerkinElmer, a provider of multivendor laboratory asset management solutions, has introduced informatics-based OneSource Scientific IT Services.

OneSource Scientific IT Services, designed to help maximize the productivity of information technology in laboratory environments, comprises lab computing services, computer systems validation, scientific applications services as well as scientific data services.

The company said Scientific IT Services are also complemented by a comprehensive understanding of laboratory instrumentation and scientific workflows.

PerkinElmer analytical sciences and laboratory services president Dusty Tenney said by identifying scientific IT needs and providing ongoing solutions and support expertise, the company delivers holistic lab management capabilities, and helps organizations make effective decisions about workflow and technology deployments.

"The OneSource Scientific IT Services represent the next phase of evolution of PerkinElmer’s services business, realizing the synergies between our informatics and instrumentation expertise, to enable better and more productive scientific discoveries for human and environmental health," Tenney added.