The company’s new ScopePilot Navigation Control Unit is claimed to offer true 3D representation of an endoscope’s position when inside a patient’s bowel tract.

The product is being showcased at the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) 2016 annual meeting at Liverpool in the UK.

Scopepilot’s three-dimensional responsive positional image is said to deliver a real-time representation of a colonoscope’s orientation for accurate insertion tracking and effective colonic loop management.

The system includes advanced orientation features, comprising of image rotation on both horizontal and vertical axis to improve differentiation of the insertion tube and zoom functionality for improved evaluation and detection of looping.

The endoscope’s built-in multidimensional sensors generate true 3D image that are induced by a magnetic field generated outside of the patient.

Scopepilot’s sensors are integrated into the colonoscope, allowing its working channel free for advanced therapeutic procedures.

Via the operation panel or remote control, the system can be activated when needed at any time during a procedure.

Pentax Medial EMEA president Rainer Burkard said: "ScopePilot is perfectly suited to assist with everyday colonoscopy practice and works with our other innovative technologies to support the whole clinical pathway.

"Our colonoscopes have been found by clinicians to provide excellent tactile feedback, which when used with Scopepilot ensures a high degree of control, particularly when negotiating difficult loops during a colonoscopy."

Earlier this month, the company unveiled the new Defina endoscopy system, which is designed for ENT diagnosis.

It can be used in a range of ENT applications and provides fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and functional video stroboscopy examinations.

Image: The new Pentax Medical Scopepilot for 3D navigation control of endoscope systems for a high resolution image. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.