Peerless products include PeerCare electronic medical records (EMR) Hybrid Cart and PeerCare Enclosure Pod and PeerCare Antimicrobial Mounting Solutions.

PeerCare Enclosure Pod is a lockable unibody constructed which is designed to secure and protect IT equipment accommodating both PeerCare and competing wall systems to prevent unauthorized access, such as in children’s hospitals and public access areas.

PeerCare Antimicrobial Mounting Solutions, which is available in white and black, are designed for use in patient and exam rooms, operating rooms, waiting areas, nursing stations and administrative offices to aid healthcare facilities in their overall infection control protocol.

Peerless Healthcare MD Will Townsend said the PeerCare EMR Hybrid Cart is optimized for iPad, Android and other tablet platforms within hospitals that use such devices for charting, and is available in both powered and non-powered configurations.

"The lightest weight user-configurable powered cart, when used with its modular battery system accessory and available external charging station, it delivers more than 24 hours of multi-shift use on a single charge," Townsend said.

"The cart, as well as other PeerCare products we’ll showcase at HIMSS, reflect Peerless’ hallmark commitment to designing innovative, easy to use, easy to manage, next generation healthcare products."