PDI, Inc. and Sequenom Center (SCMM) announced that PDI has been selected to provide the sales infrastructure to launch and commercialize SCMM’s noninvasive prenatal genetic screening tests based on its SEQureDx technology. Under the direction of SCMM management, PDI will support the commercialization of SCMM’s fetal Rhesus D genotyping test from a maternal blood sample. This test will reduce the risk to the mother and fetus by providing clinicians early and accurate information. Under the agreement, PDI will also provide sales support to SCMM upon commercialization of its noninvasive Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) test which is expected to be launched in June of this year, as well as other laboratory developed tests. Under terms of the agreement, PDI in conjunction with the SCMM management team will hire, train and develop a sales team for the Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine. An initial wave of business development managers are targeted for the first quarter of 2009, with additional expansion scheduled throughout the second to fourth quarters of 2009. Sales call points will be focused on our obstetrician and perinatal specialist partners. Financial terms of the engagement were not disclosed. “We are delighted to have been selected by Sequenom to help commercialize a highly visible and major scientific breakthrough technology in the field of women’s health,” said Nancy Lurker, Chief Executive Officer of PDI. “This is precisely the kind of engagement PDI is seeking with our specialty clients. We are eager to begin our work with Sequenom and gain widespread support and use for this technology.” Harry Stylli, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Sequenom, said, “The PDI team has shown a keen understanding of, and strong strategic insight into, the marketplace. As we grow the market for SEQureDx tests, PDI’s flexible approach allows them to be responsive to our needs with minimal advance notice, so we can most efficiently and effectively build our sales organization. We are looking forward to working with PDI to make the SEQureDx-based tests ‘must have’ screens for maternal-fetal health.”