As a leader in neuromuscular electronic stimulation (NMES) products used for sport performance enhancement, Wireless USA is the first-ever FDA-cleared wireless NMES device designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to supercharge their workouts and speed recovery.

Freedom from wires improves the training experience and allows elite athletes to take their workouts to the next level.

"Wireless USA is taking wearable technology to the next level," said DJO Consumer president, Toby Bost. "This product brings 25 years of proven technologies and innovations to new heights to provide athletes with real results from this wearable device. Most importantly, Wireless USA is accessible and beneficial to athletes of all sports and fitness levels to maximize their workouts and achieve peak performance."

From fast recovery to muscle strength gains and endurance improvements, the use of Wireless USA provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with an intelligent tool to supercharge their performance and help prevent future injuries.

The device recruits specific motor nerves by targeting muscle fibers that cannot be reached through traditional workouts and training.

Wireless USA sends electronic pulses to your nerve fibers through a small device in order to create involuntary muscle contractions and maximize muscular effort by reaching up to 100% of muscle fibers – both Type 1 slow twitch muscle (endurance) and Type 2 fast twitch muscle (power and explosiveness) – resulting in maximum efficiency with maximum results.

The device features nine different programs including: strength, endurance, potentiation, resistance, explosive strength, training recovery, competition recovery, pre-warm-up, and muscle relaxation, and five levels of progression to keep athletes challenged with every training session.

Wireless USA is designed to help athletes reach their goals and delivers a magnitude of benefits including increased muscle strength and density, larger muscle size, boosted speed, enhanced blood circulation, and faster recovery.

Professional athletes of all sports from running, crossfit and cycling, to basketball and football can integrate Wireless USA into their daily training routines to achieve peak performance and desired results.