Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc., announced that it has introduced its Jetstream G2 NXT which is the 7 French compatible version of its peripheral atherectomy catheter. The product is based on catheter technology that is capable of treating the entire range of disease found in patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease (PAD), including hard and soft plaque, calcium, fibrotic lesions and thrombus. 7 French compatibility enables Jetstream G2 NXT to be used in diverse PAD patient population.

“The 7 French compatible Jetstream G2 NXT is nearly identical to Jetstream G2, but has the advantages associated with smaller sheath technology,” said Dr. Robert Bersin at Seattle Cardiology. “As such, it expands my ability to treat more anatomies and patients with varying degrees of PAD.”

“Present news coupled with the recent FDA clearance to market Jetstream G2 for thrombus removal underscores our unwavering commitment to provide new and better treatment options for the millions of Americans suffering from PAD,” commented Pathway Medical Technologies President and CEO Paul Buckman. “With the introduction of Jetstream G2 NXT, we are able to provide much needed atherectomy treatment to an expanded patient population.”

This peripheral atherectomy catheter is intended to remove all kinds of artery-clogging plaque in the lower limbs of patients. The minimally invasive solution clears blockages in the peripheral vasculature, restores blood flow and effectively treats PAD.

Jetstream G2 NXT includes sterile, single-use catheter, control pod and a reusable, compact console which mounts to a standard I.V. stand. Soft and hard plaque, as well as calcium, thrombus and fibrotic lesions are easly removed with its expandable cutting tip catheter. Located just proximal to the cutting blades a highly efficient aspiration port, continually removes excised tissue and thrombus from the treatment site to a collection bag located on the console. Moreover, the distal portion of the catheter which contains infusion ports provides continuous infusion of sterile saline during the atherectomy procedure. Risk of distal embolization is reduced with safety active aspiration.

Jetstream G2 NXT has ergonomic design with simple set up that maximizes treatment effectiveness and minimally invasive treatment option helps in faster recovery and decreased systemic complications.