Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Paul Arena, stated that, “Our decision to expand the access to the Parallax Care Platform to include individual product offerings is designed to eventually provide a path for hybrid business models focused on creating and sharing new value through our open architecture that provides an Application Programming Interface (“API”).”  Mr. Arena continued, “Traditional thinking is that industry thought leaders must make a choice between a product-based or a platform-based business model, as each model has its own characteristics and approach to operations and resource allocations. We believe that our Platform models will enable customers to utilize the Parallax Care Platform for access to their third-party applications and devices and we will eventually provide our own Software Developer Kit (“SDK”) to make the connections to our Platform even easier.  Our goal here is to accelerate mass adoption of our Parallax Care Platform and our proprietary products and services, which will provide strong empirical data supporting our value proposition to the various healthcare stakeholders.”

Nathaniel Bradley, Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. Chief Technology Officer, stated that, “The new Platform business model provides our patented outcome optimization technology, Parallax Care’s flexible interoperability and unique interface capabilities, along with telehealth capabilities. It is our proprietary technologies, products and services, that will attract the third-party developers of Internet-of-Things, (“IoT”) devices and other services as they will benefit from the value of our product offerings integrated into their own offerings,” Mr. Bradley concluded.

Source: Company Press Release.