Lumedx said that implementing CardioPACS is part of an ongoing Lumedx-IHS project to develop a centralized, enterprise-wide cardiovascular (CV) image- and data-management system that meets Iowa Health’s clinical and business objectives. Multi-modality and vendor-neutral, CardioPACS is suited for this project, offering customizable image and data management with an integrated suite of applications, modules and interfaces.

Chris Winquist, chief operating officer of Lumedx, said: “This project represents one of the most expansive and most sophisticated cardiovascular PACS deployments in this country to date. The success of this project has led us to conclude that this is how integrated health networks can and should be deploying PACS systems for the greatest economic and efficient benefits.”

Praveen Lobo, director of imaging systems at Lumedx, said: “Iowa Health System is comprised of smaller systems, hospitals grouped together, as well as individual hospitals. Because of this, IHS needed their PACS to be operationally distributed yet technologically centralized.

“We created data clusters: tiered databases so all the sites and groups could retain their independent identities and workflows while simultaneously bringing the information all together for the overall Iowa Health System.”