The PRESERVE  line is unique in that all implants are aseptically processed (free of gamma radiation and bleaching). 

Competitive implants which are gamma radiated have demonstrated greater structural fatigue when compared to non-gamma radiated allograft. 

The use of bleaching has been shown to reduce the osteoinductivity of the graft and may substantially increase the time needed for incorporation. 

The HammerGraft System provides four unique allograft implants implants in 2.3 and 2.8 mm straight and angled options.  These grafts are harvested from the cortical rim of the tibia or femur to match the density of the PIP joint and ensure strength and blood flow requirements of the region are met. 

Ribs on the graft in conjunction with the drill diameter were sized to minimize crushing of cancellous bone and optimized to resist pullout of the implant following insertion.  The cross section of the implant helps to resist rotation and tapered ends ease insertion.  The HammerGraft implant is packaged in a hydration solution and may be used immediately out of the packaging (no reconstitution required). 

The system also includes the market's first dense cancellous spacers which are available in 6, 8, and 10 mm options.  These spacers are designed to fit over the HammerGraft and may be used in cases where lengthening is desired at the PIP joint. 

Paragon 28 is grateful for the significant contributions Dr. Michael Houghton, MD, Dr. Mark Myerson, MD, and Dr. Thomas San Giovanni, MD made as surgeon designers of this system.

Paragon 28 Inc. was established in 2010 to address the unmet and under-served needs of the foot and ankle community.

From the onset, Paragon 28 has made it our goal to re-invent the space of foot and ankle surgery. We believe that through research and innovation we can create new and improved solutions to the challenges faced by foot and ankle specialists.