Paradigm Medical Industries, a manufacturer of opthalmic medical devices, has been notified by its Italian partner, Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici (CSO), that all necessary documents have been completed and submitted to the FDA for the Retimax, also known as the Paramax. Paradigm is the exclusive representative for this new product in the US market.

Paramax represents Paradigm’s third product that represents for CSO. The company also represents CSO’s impressive corneal topographer, to be known in the US as the Paravue 300, and CSO’s corneal topographer with Scheimpflug rotating camera, to be known in the US as the Surveyor 500.

The Surveyor 500 with the Scheimpflug camera allows for the complete analysis of the entire cornea and anterior segment of the eye. Paradigm plans to begin active promotion of the Paravue 300 and the Surveyor 500 and will actively promote the Paramax immediately after it has received FDA approval.

Stephen Davis, president and chief executive officer of Paradigm, said: “This new innovative device offers the earliest detection of glaucoma currently available and will be an excellent addition to Paradigm’s glaucoma diagnostic products.”