Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc. (Paradigm Medical), a US-based medical devices company, revealed its plans to commence important steps to reorganize and reposition the company. These plans consist of engineering developments to many of its products and a critical assessment of its operations efforts. It will concentrate its efforts on capitalizing on the evolving needs of its customers within the ophthalmic market.

The company is launching new branding efforts for Paradigm Medical in the global and domestic markets. With the creation of a new management team to restructure the future of the company, Paradigm Medical plans to better define itself and begin the development of new and innovative products for the Glaucoma and ultrasound microscopy fields.

“The epidemic is real and growing,” said Paradigm Medical president, Stephen Davis.

“Paradigm has had its bumps and detours over the last few years; however, those days are finally past! We have brought ourselves back and are on track to come out strong with new innovative products that will help fight and control the glaucoma epidemic.”