Panasonic, a leading provider of professional healthcare display and monitoring solutions, announced the EJ-ML432Z, a new 4K medical-grade 32” ultra-high definition (UHD) monitor designed for the surgical suite.

The new 4K UHD surgical monitor offers full 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution, offering double the total pixels of a 2K monitor, and is fully compliant with medical equipment standards — delivering exceptional image quality and clarity.

As the use of full HD monitors has become widely adopted in the endoscope and surgical microscope industries, there is a growing demand for even higher definition monitors to meet the clinical need for more resolution in critical areas of laparoscopic, arthroscopic, and microscopic surgery, and this growing need is not met by the current full HD device market.

Panasonic has earned the reputation of a market leader offering 2D, 3D medical monitors with unmatched image quality and reliability.

Employing 4K² LCD panel technologies, the monitor has four times the resolution of full HD images, which enables precise viewing of regions where even HD lacked the necessary resolution. In addition, thanks to its unique design and LED backlight technology, this 32" class monitor’s weight and thickness enable it to be easily mounted on existing arms, booms or stands.

The interface for 4K UHD has one Display Port 1.2 terminal and four 3G-SDI (BNC) terminals, user selectable. By using the Display Port 1.2 terminal, 4K UHD images are available using just one cable.

Other key features include:

This LCD monitor adopts a 4K panel to achieve an image that has four times the resolution of full HD and enables detailed observation of previously hard-to-see regions. In addition, a wide viewing angle allows this monitor to reproduce more realistic color with less color shift, even when viewed from various angles.

The use of LED backlight LCD panel and use of light-weight materials for the chassis allow this monitor to achieve the weight and thickness necessary to accommodate a 32" class medical monitor within the OR. This enables easy installation on existing arms, booms or stands.

A flat front face (front protection level IPX5 equivalent) and a vent-less rear design makes it easy to clean. The product’s backside is slanted to enable easy removal of residual dust.

The interface on 4K UHD monitor has Display Port 1.2 terminal and four 3G-SDI (BNC) terminals. The use of DisplayPort 1.2 terminal provides 4K UHD images with one cable. The use of 3G-SDI (BNC) terminal enables long-distance signal transmission.

Compliant with the Adobe RGB standard, the monitor has a wider color space than those using BT.709 standards, allowing this monitor to display a wider range of color reproduction.

A unique zoom function is available. Magnified images can keep higher resolution than full HD. The magnified region can be located anywhere on the screen.

The EJ-ML432Z is available at an MSRP of $12,500 from authorized Panasonic resellers and distributors.