Both the companies are involved in manufacturing lithium battery packs and power supplies for the medical device market.

Together, the companies will design, manufacture and distribute battery packs for medical devices such as X-ray machines and insulin pumps as well as for some of the medical device OEMs.

Under the acquisition, MicroSun’s president and chief operating officer, John Gatti will join Palladium as president and chief executive officer.

Marlin operating partner Bob Leggett said the acquisition enables Palladium to expand its presence for battery pack in design and manufacturing in the Americas and Europe.

"We are excited to have Mr. Gatti’s proven strategic leadership and more than 25 years of aerospace and defense, engineering and technology, program management and enterprise integration experience from companies like BAE Systems and Raytheon," Leggett added.

Palladium president and chief executive officer John Gatti said, "We will work together as one team to deliver the best value and innovation for our customers to help them differentiate themselves in their markets."