Cancer diagnostics firm Pacific Edge has introduced Cxbladder Monitor urine-based gene expression test in the US.

The test, which is the firm’s third product in the Cxbladder product line, will be used for the investigation of bladder cancer in patients who are being actively monitored for recurrent disease.

Cxbladder Monitor has been developed to be used on patients, as part of their ongoing surveillance regime to rapidly and accurately identify those who have a low probability of having recurrent cancers.

Cxbladder is a suite of non-invasive, accurate and easy to use tests developed to detect and manage bladder cancer.

It is said to aggregate the expression of genes and clinical and patient variables factors, which create unique molecular signatures for urothelial carcinoma, the common form of bladder cancer.

Since last December, Cxbladder Monitor has been commercially available in New Zealand.

Pacific Edge CEO David Darling said: "We are very excited about Cxbladder Monitor's launch in the US, joining our other two products – Cxbladder Triage which helps to rule out cancer in patients who have a low probability of having bladder cancer; and Cxbladder Detect which is used specifically to detect bladder cancer.

“Our latest product, Cxbladder Monitor, will provide urologists who are evaluating patients for the recurrence of the disease with greater certainty of their clinical evaluations, and will provide patients with a non-invasive way to monitor their disease."