OxySure Systems has obtained CE mark approval for its OxySure Model 615 portable emergency oxygen device, designed to administer medical oxygen easily and quickly in any medical emergency, while waiting for paramedics or first responders to arrive on the scene.

Model 615 has already been used in connection with thousands of saves in the US.

Similarly, European first responders typically provide supplemental oxygen to patients immediately upon arrival.

The portable emergency oxygen device allows lay rescuers to begin oxygen delivery sooner, bridging the gap until professional responders arrive on the scene.

OxySure CEO Julian Ross said the company is excited to introduce its innovative, lifesaving product to the European market.

"Our product can now bear the CE Mark, which demonstrates that the OxySure Model 615 complies with stringent requirements related to the quality, safety, and performance of medical oxygen devices found in the applicable EU laws," Ross added.

The company plans to appoint new distributors in the near future in European countries where the company does not currently have representation.