OxyBand Technologies has commenced the shipments of its new oxygenated wound dressings that target oxygen delivery into the wound for faster healing.

The US Army Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) at Fort Sam Houston in Texas has received the inaugural order.

Claimed to be the only FDA-approved wound dressing available in the market, it provides accelerated healing by infusing therapeutic oxygen gases directly into a wound.

OxyBand wound dressings are intended to use on skin tears, scrapes, pressure sores, abrasions, blisters, lacerations, minor burns, chafed or irritated skin and continuous exposure of skin to moisture.

The waterproof barrier provides protection from outside contaminants while the patented system continuously provides pure oxygen to the damaged tissue for up to five days.

The results from two clinical trials and an independent US Army Institute for Surgical Research (ISR) clinical trial have shown that OxyBand is effective in wound healing, the company claimed.

Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis (LHB), a nonprofit organization, manages the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of this new wound care dressing.

The company has opened a production office at Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis’ (LHB) manufacturing facility in St. Louis County.

In addition to packaging, sterilizing and preparing the bandages for distribution to military and commercial customers worldwide, LHB has the exclusive technology to permeate the wound dressing with pure oxygen.

OxyBand Technologies CEO Dr Amie Franklin noted the OxyBand wound dressing is the company’s patented inaugural device for new oxygen healing technologies.

"We are excited about our inaugural shipment of the OxyBand Wound Dressing to the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research," Franklin added.

The wound dressings are currently available in a 9 by 7-inch size and will be offered in additional sizes starting in late 2013.