OvumOptics has introduced Ovu-Trac Ovulation Predictor Kit, which helps women increase their chances of conception, naturally, without medical intervention.

The company said that Ovu-Trac kit uses saliva sampling to identify fertility. Saliva has become an accurate diagnostic data collector than blood or urine in a variety of medical testing procedures. Most ovulation prediction kits on the market work by measuring the luteinizing hormone (LH) in a woman’s urine.

Colleen Biggs, president of Ovum Optics, after years of compiling reliable resources and information, developed Ovu-Trac in 1996. Her goal was to give women a valuable tool for predicting ovulation, along with providing educational information to help them understand their bodies.

The company claims that, saliva ovulation and fertility testing was discovered in 1969 by Spanish gynecologist Biel Cassals. Cassals correlated changes in hormone levels during a woman’s menstrual cycle with the amount of crystallisation that was evident in her saliva. The process was highly accurate in identifying when ovulation was imminent.

Ovu-Trac provides women with an accurate and personalised ovulation chart that can be used to record important physical changes throughout her fertility cycles. This educational approach to fertility monitoring allows a woman to correlate the changes in saliva to physical changes that are occurring at specific times in a cycle.

The Ovu-Trac kit makes the science accessible and understandable to women for successful family planning.