The new facility is expected to allow OvaGene Oncology to perform genomic testing on cancer cells using advanced technologies such as Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (QPCR), Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) and Gene Expression Arrays.

OvaGene is currently in the process of pursuing clinical laboratory licensure (CLIA) and accreditation (CAP) and will begin offering several non-proprietary molecular diagnostics to the gynecologic oncology community once approvals have been obtained. In addition to clinical laboratory testing, a series of diagnostics based on in-licensed technologies and internal research will be developed at the new facility.

OvaGene’s research include collaborations with key pharmaceutical companies in the oncology space with the goal of developing companion diagnostics.

Frank Kiesner, president and CEO, said: “This advanced molecular research and clinical laboratory facility is the foundation for OvaGene’s creativity, science and treatment-related innovation. It puts OvaGene at the forefront of the application of gene-based technologies within the field of gynecologic oncology.

“It is OvaGene’s mission to provide physicians treating gynecologic cancers with novel gene-based assays to individualize patient diagnosis, staging and drug selection in a manner not possible through existing non-gene-based technologies.”