US-based Ostar Healthcare Technology has introduced its new G4 Device Gateway, a HIPAA compliant Vendor Neutral Gateway (VNG) that provides seamless remote device integration and monitoring for devices, including glucometers, vital signs, blood pressure and weight scales.


Ostar Healthcare Technology president and CEO Doug Hemenway said: "This global launch of the G4 brings forth the first patient-centered Vendor Neutral Gateway (VNG) to the market, integrating multiple vendors devices in the growing need for remote monitoring in telehealth.

"The G4 assists patient engagement and compliance in lockstep with 30-Day readmission rate reduction edicts. All Ostar products reinforce Ostar’s commitment to improving patient outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary costs, complying with the Accountable Care Act (PPACA)."

The firm’s G4 Multifunction Gateway offers payers, providers and patients with choice or control of Glucose meters and associated Glucose strips plus various vital signs monitoring.

The device will automatically connect to cell phone networks, sending relevant data to case management, population health management, EMRs and HIEs across the globe.

Ostar noted that G4 Remote Telehealth Vital Signs Monitoring System is the first release of the device gateway series for vital signs monitoring systems.

Image: Ostar has introduced new G4 Device Gateway. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ OSTAR Healthcare Technology.