Osseon Therapeutics has launched new Osseoflex DR steerable bone drill at the North American Spine Society's (NASS) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The physician-controlled drill was designed to facilitate treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) that may contain sclerotic bone resulting from osteoporosis or fibrotic metastases.

The Osseoflex DR steerable bone drill features proprietary technology and allows for unipedicular access to fractures previously considered inaccessible due to dense, sclerotic bone or malignant bone tissue.

Osseon president and CEO John Stalcup said that Osseoflex DR is an innovation in VCF therapy and it provides an important tool for cases where VCF needles and balloons are currently inadequate.

Osseon chief medical officer Michael Lyster said that the Osseoflex DR steerable bone drill further extends their clinical reach beyond purely acute VCFs, which helps to access chronic and sub-acute symptomatic bone fractures throughout the axial skeleton.

Osseon said that it markets the Osseoflex steerable needle and Osseoperm bone cement, which together form the Osseoplasty system, a safe and effective method for the treatment of VCFs.