Regenerative medicine firm Osiris Therapeutics has introduced new Stravix, a cryopreserved human placental tissue developed to be used for soft tissue repair.

The firm has developed Stravix as a pliable allograft cover with tensile strength, and is claimed to provide durability, elasticity, and conformability for surgical procedures.

Stravix is a viable cryopreserved human placental tissue that includes amniotic and connective layers of umbilical tissue, and was developed as a cover specifically for surgical procedures.

The placental tissue holds native components of the tissue, including collagen and hyaluronic acid rich extracellular matrix, cytokines, fibroblasts, growth factors, viable endogenous mesenchymal stem cells and epithelial cells.

With minimal preparation prior to use, Stravix adjusts to the site of injury. It needs to be stored at -75°C to -85°C.

Osiris Therapeutics chief scientific officer Dr Alla Danilkovitch said: "Osiris plans to collect scientific and clinical data supporting the use of Stravix.

"The ideal allograft should not only preserve the original characteristics of the tissue beneficial for natural repair but also have properties and ease of application needed for complicated surgeries; Osiris has achieved this with Stravix."

According to the firm, Stravixn holds the properties inherent to the native fresh tissue as a result of the company’s proprietary cryopreservation process BioSmart.