Osaka University’s scientists will use the DPN 5000 system to develop and fabricate nanoscale plasmonic and nanophotonics devices.

The DPN 5000 system is a tip-based lithography platform which is capable of multi-component deposition of various materials in sub-micron sized features.

The system’s user interface enables the deposition of complex nanopatterns by controlling tip movements during the writing process.

NanoInk said combining its proprietary MEMs devices and patterning protocols with a multitude of printing materials and substrates, DPN 5000 system users can easily design, create, and analyze nano and microstructures.

Osaka University Photonics Advanced Research Center associate professor Nobuyuki Takeyasu said the DPN 5000 system is an user-friendly device, so the company expects that its researchers will be able to create nanoscale plasmonic and nanophotonics devices in very short order.