Orthopaedic Synergy’s technology platforms such as the I-block surgical robot, Nano-station Computerised Surgical navigation system and Nano-block manual surgical instruments for computer assisted surgery address key issues associated with conventional joint replacement surgical procedures including incorrect sizing and positioning of joint replacement components that can lead to misalignments of bones ultimately leading to joint replacement failure.

Orthopaedic Synergy functions as a holding company for OMNIlife Science and Enztec. Together these companies represent a reconstructive orthopaedic concern that is committed to the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality orthopedic devices.

George Cipolletti, CEO and president of OMNIlife science, said: “Combining OMNI’s advanced orthopedic implant and instrument products with Enztec’s instrument design capability, has already increased our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs and increase our sales. Adding Praxim’s computer and robotic assisted surgery technology to the mix will serve to further accelerate this process both in the US as well as in international markets.”

Christian Joly, CEO of Praxim, said: “We believe that the OMNIlife science’ product portfolio represents technology in Knee and Hip replacement and we are confident that our staff and technology and will be in good hands. We look forward to watching OMNI, Enztec and Praxim work under the Orthopedic Synergy banner to enhance our technology offerings as well as dramatically increase the profile and acceptance of our highly advanced computer and robotic assisted surgical techniques in orthopedic joint replacement surgery.”

Nik Nikolaev, chairman of Orthopedic Synergy, said: “The acquisition of Praxim SA will represent a continuation of the philosophy of the Orthopedic Synergy group that good companies can be brought together and managed so that the combination of their individual strengths produce shorter product development cycles and more rapid growth in sales than each company could deliver on its own.”

Praxim develops and commercialises advanced automated systems, software and instruments used by surgeons in the operating room to make total joint arthroplasty less-invasive.