The new HipGrid Nine system, which features same technology used in the original HipGrid, has been developed to incorporate with C-arm systems generally found at ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals.

OrthoGrid Systems president Edouard Saget said: “Outpatient total hip replacement procedures are growing rapidly due in large part to the potential for added convenience, reduced costs, and quicker return to home for the patient.

“Increasingly, our customers have demanded to have a HipGrid that is compatible with 9-Inch C-arm systems commonly found in outpatient surgery centers, and so we are pleased to immediately commence shipments of this compelling new product.”

The company has designed the new HipGrid Nine fit attachment system with a Boa fit attachment system and high contrast markings.

It is controlled intra-operatively by the physician and incorporates into the standard surgical workflow with no disposables or instrumentation

The new system can be fully used in conjunction with implant systems from all vendors.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Erik Kubiak said: “as the healthcare system moves away from unconstrained spending and physicians and hospitals work together to deliver higher-quality care for a reasonable cost, OrthoGrid’s HipGrid NINE hits the mark by enabling excellent clinical value at an attractive economic price.”

OrthoGrid Systems provides intra-operative radiographic assessment and alignment technologies for orthopedics.

The company provides specialized applications for hip arthroplasty, trauma, knee replacement, and other common procedures.

OrthoGrid’s other products include HipGrid, which features advanced fluoroscopic grid technology designed to enhance intra-operative decision making in total hip replacement.

Compatible with all implant systems, the HipGrid can be integrated with current surgical workflow. It also interfaces with existing hospital equipment.

OrthoGrid also produces Phantom MSK system, which incorporates with existing hospital equipment and is designed for the anterior approach THA workflow.