Orthofix International has entered into a collaboration agreement to incorporate its Phoenix MIS and Firebird Pedicle Screw Systems into Brainlab's new version of spinal navigation systems.

The agreement enables Orthofix to use the technologies for preoperative planning and real-time positioning of spinal fixation devices in challenging spinal fusions procedures.

Brainlab orthopedics global product line director Martin Immerz said the company believe that the combination of its navigation technology with minimally invasive surgical instrumentation can change the way spinal procedures are done today.

"It will not only increase the accuracy of the implant placement but also provide a better orientation during surgery and has the potential to reduce the intra-operative radiation exposure," Immerz added.

"We are very excited to add the Orthofix products to our supported portfolio for minimally invasive spinal navigation."

Orthofix president and chief executive officer Robert Vaters said, "We are excited to partner with Brainlab to educate and promote the intra-operative advantages of its different image guided surgery platforms when used in conjunction with our Phoenix MIS and Firebird spinal fixation systems."