Orthofix International’s sports medicine division Breg has introduced three new products - a post-op shoulder brace to off-load pressure from the neck, a rigid ligament knee brace made from lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum and walker boots for pediatric patients.

The SlingShot 3 Shoulder Brace has two patent-pending features including a shoulder harness that off-loads pressure from the neck and disperses it along the opposing shoulder and scapula.

The 2-in-1 abduction pillow is also patent-pending, which provides multiple options for clinicians to support the shoulder joint after surgery.

The SlingShot 3 brace is composed of Breg’s Airmesh breathable fabric which promotes air flow and moisture wicking, for improved patient comfort.

The new LPR Ligament Knee Brace provides rigid, lightweight protection for post-op patients returning to normal activities, and non-operative patients who require additional ligament support.

The LPR brace’s patent-pending triangle ‘truss frame is made of aerospace aluminum which adds strength while keeping the brace lightweight.

The brace is equipped with AirTech, a series of vents and grooved channels in the frame pads that increase airflow, ‘grip’ the skin, and improve brace suspension for better performance.

Breg’s Mini Walker Boot provides protection for stable fractures and ankle sprains in young patients, aged from 1 to 9 ½ years and as an alternative to casting, boot is lightweight and durable, with a washable foam liner.