ORTHOCON, Inc., an orthopedic devices company, has appointed Paul R. Sohmer to serve the company as president and chief executive officer (CEO) and to its board. Paul Sohmer brings extensive leadership experience to ORTHOCON. He has served as CEO of both public and privately-held growth companies focused on medical devices, biotechnology and health care services. ORTHOCON also appointed Joyce Tsang, General Partner of ProQuest Investments to its board.

In his most recent Endeavour, Sohmer was chairman of the board, president and CEO of TriPath Imaging, Inc. (TPTH) which was acquired by Becton Dickinson and Company (BDX). Sohmer also served as president and CEO of Neuromedical Systems, Inc. and Genetrix, Inc. Sohmer was named the Ernst and Young Carolinas Life Sciences Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005.

“I am thrilled to join the ORTHOCON team,” said Sohmer. “I look forward to working with our management team and our investors to build our Company and to bring an array of novel products to market based on ORTHOCON’s innovative platform technology.”

“ORTHOCON is a great late-stage company with the ideal combination of a promising technology platform, a leadership team with a proven track record and great syndicate partners,” commented Joyce Tsang. “We believe now is the perfect time to back ORTHOCON and we are delighted to be part of the Company.”

“The addition of Paul Sohmer to the team and the strengthening of the finances of the Company through ProQuest joining in this round mark a great milestone for the Company,” said ORTHOCON’s chairman and Canaan Partners’ board representative, Seth Rudnick, “With approved products and an advanced clinical program, ORTHOCON is poised for a breakout success.”