The collaboration was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Ortho-ATI is a novel non-surgical approach to treat chronic treatment resistant tendon injuries that have a significant negative effect on patients’ activities of daily living.

A collaborative study is planned to commence in Q1 2017 and will be a multi-center trial conducted with one of Australia’s leading orthopaedic surgeons.

The trial will be led by prominent Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor Allan Wang from the University of Western Australia and current President of the 'Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia' (SESA).

Managing Director Mr. Paul Anderson commented, “This is a very exciting partnership in the continued development of Ortho-ATI and provides significant external validation of this globally relevant technology.”

In studies conducted by Orthocell to date, Ortho-ATI has been shown to be a cost effective and durable non-surgical solution for difficult to treat tendon injuries.

Ortho-ATI is available in Australia and New Zealand for patients who have failed conservative treatment options such as corticosteroid injections and exercise programs and have ongoing symptoms.